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The FY 2021 Governor’s Budget Report Released: 01/16/2020

The Governor’s Budget Report for FY 2021 is published online in two volumes. Volume 1 is a narrative summary of the Governor’s budget recommendations, while Volume 2 presents the budget by agency program. Follow the inks below for these publications. Please note: These publications are not available in printed book form and are only available online.  All downloads on this page are provided in .pdf format.

FY 2021 Governor’s Budget Report Volume 1 (6MB) UPDATED 02/24/2020–Narrative on Page 122 was updated to reflect “students pursuing a degree at a public educational institution” instead of a “public university” for the Kansas Access Partnership Grant under the Board of Regents.

FY 2021 Governor’s Budget Report–Volume 2 (6MB)

Director’s Overview–1-16-2020 (100KB)