The Division of the Budget has central responsibility for the state budget process, including related policy issues, and for providing management services to state agencies. Because of its central role in budget formulation, the Division serves as a source of explanation to the Legislature and to legislative staff and committees while the Governor’s proposals are being considered for adoption.

The Division performs a series of duties related to budget execution and financial administration. The staff monitors cashflow and takes appropriate steps to assure State General Fund solvency throughout the year.

The Division interprets appropriations language and counsels agency managers when questions arise about legislative intent and the management of state government. It verifies and distributes the census data that determine how state aid to local governments is to be apportioned.

The staff within the Division is more recently serving a role in assistance with disclosure of the state’s financial status when state agencies seek to issue bonds for capital projects backed with state appropriations for debt service. In addition, the Division makes recommendations on agency requests for State Finance Council action and executive directives. 

Current Happenings

  • The FY 2026 Budget Instructions for state agencies is now available (07.01.2024)
  • 2023 Certified Kansas Population by County is now available (07.01.2024)
  • The Legislative Adjustments to Consensus Revenue Estimates Memo is now available (06.26.2024)

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