State of Kansas–State Agency Budget Narratives

State agencies are instructed to submit annual budget request to the Division of the Budget for the upcoming Legislative Session by September 15 of each year.  The annual budget request includes expenditure revisions the current fiscal year, along with its proposed current services budget for the next fiscal year to continue operations at current level.  Any new programs or initiatives, as well as funding enhancements for existing programs, are requested as enhancement packages.  In this budget submission, agencies submit detailed budget narratives that describe the agency mission, each program and fund.

In addition to the electronic submission of budget data in the state budget system, a state agency is requested to submit budget narrative that includes the agency’s mission, program, and statutory history.  The document also includes an agency-wide overview of current year expenditure (including any supplemental funding requests), an overview of the budget year currents services request (with enhancement funding requests.  In odd-numbered fiscal years, statutory biennial agencies include an out-year budget request.  The budget narrative also includes expenditure justifications by object code for each fiscal year.

The Division of the Budget will begin posting the submitted agency budget narratives in April 2024 for FY 2025 in a single PDF for each agency.  The Division intends to post prior fiscal year budget narratives as time allows.  Budget narratives can be found by fiscal year below.


FY 2025