2024 Legislative Session Fiscal Note Response Template

When a state agency has been asked to furnish fiscal note information to the Division of the Budget, the following form must be used by all state agencies.  If you have any questions regarding the information requested, please contact your budget analyst.

Fiscal Note Response Template–2024 Session–Updated: 04/15/2024

FY 2025 Budget Instructions with Budget Cost Indices

Agencies should use these updated instructions for making revisions to its FY 2024 budget, as well as its request for FY 2025, as advised by the Division of the Budget.

Budget Instructions–FY 2025 (Including Budget Cost Indices)–UPDATED–07.18.2023CORRECTED 07.18.2023–Page 90 had an incorrect unemployment assessment rate for FY 2025 and Page 93 had an incorrect FY 2024 cost for the federally allowable rent in the Landon State Office Building.

FY 2025 Capital Improvement Budget Forms for State Agencies

The FY 2024 Capital Improvement Budget Instructions to State Agencies and updated forms are now available for download.

Blank_Capital_DA418A_and_B-FY2025_Cycle–(Excel File)–Updated 06/07/2023

Kansas Rules & Regulations–Economic Impact Statement for the Division of the Budget

2022 HB 2087 changed the approval process for proposed agency rules and regulations.  The following links contain the new Economic Impact Statement form, as well as a description of the revised rules and regulations process and implementation steps for rules and regulations currently in the process of being adopted before the effective date of 2022 HB 2087:

Economic Impact Statement–Rules and Regulations–05.03.2022
HB2087 Implementation for Regs in Process–05.03.2022

Basics of Budgeting Seminar

On August 5, 2021, the Division of the Budget hosted a virtual “Basics of Budgeting” seminar via Microsoft Teams for state agency staff members who are new to the state budgeting process.  Seminar topics that were covered include the budget cycle, terminology, allocations, and budget mechanics.

Basics of State Budgeting Seminar(Note:  This link will open up the video in YouTube)