The Kansas Division of the Budget is responsible for the certification of Kansas Population Data to the Secretary of State. This certification is done by July 1st of each year. The following file contains the latest population data. For more information on the Census, please visit  For questions regarding the Division of the Budget’s certification of population data, please email Jen Ouellette, Principal Analyst, or call 785-296-2436.

Economic and Demographic Report

As a cost-saving measure, The Governor’s Economic and Demographic Report is no longer published. However, beginning with the FY 2012 edition, The Governor’s Budget Report includes appendices that include demographic information and comes from U.S. Census Bureau population estimates. These estimates are formulated by using the latest decennial census data as a benchmark and incorporating administrative data from federal agencies. The estimates help identify population shifts and trends for the state, the region, and the nation, as well as indicating changes to the population of specific groups of individuals. This information can be found in Appendices A through F in The FY 2023 Governor’s Budget Report.

Prior Editions of The Governor’s Economic and Demographic Report can be found at this location.